Top 5 Reasons to Drive an EV in Colorado

  1. $2,500 tax incentive on ALL new EVs in Colorado in addition to the Federal tax credit available on many models. 

  2. You can charge at home! No more standing in the wind or snow waiting at the gas pump.

  3. Feel good about driving a car that is friendlier to the environment than your old car.

  4. There are a wide variety of vehicles ranging from all-wheel drive SUVs to zippy sub-compacts – and both new and used vehicles are widely available now!

  5. Spend less on fuel and maintenance every year – it really adds up!



Driving electric vehicles is one way we can make a difference for clean air in Colorado AND the entire planet, now and for the future!

EVs produce less harmful pollution than gasoline and diesel vehicles and will continue to grow cleaner as our power sources become cleaner. On top of that, EVs are affordable and convenient, not to mention fun! Take a look around this site and you’ll see what we mean.

Drive Electric Colorado exists to provide you with information and facts about electric vehicles. Our team of expert coaches across the state looks forward to helping you on your journey to driving electric, Colorado!


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EVs in Colorado as of August 1, 2021

Drive Electric Colorado exists to provide you – individual consumers – with  information about electric vehicles in Colorado. We have established a goal to put  940,000 electric vehicles on the road in Colorado by 2030, paving the way for a long-term goal of 100% light-duty vehicles (passenger cars and trucks) to be electric. This is important because gasoline and diesel passenger vehicles create greenhouse gases that are detrimental to clean air across our state.

This initiative is led by Drive Clean Colorado in collaboration with the Colorado Energy Office and the ReCharge Colorado coaches from organizations statewide including CLEER, 4CORE, and Northern Colorado Clean Cities

Drive Electric Colorado is part of Drive Electric USA, a Department of Energy-funded project comprised of Clean Cities Coalitions, electric vehicle groups, and other committed partners from fourteen states. This project engages individuals, utilities, legislators, dealerships and others towards removing adoption barriers and accelerating plug-in electric vehicle use throughout the United States. 

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