5 Colorado Cities Found as Best for Owning Electric Trucks

This past year has seen a roll out of announcements from auto dealers for electric trucks. From the punk-rock Tesla Cybertruck to the classic electrified F-150 (known as the Lightning) to the new kid on the block Rivian, automakers are betting big on electrifying America’s favorite vehicle.

One may assume that the typical truck driver isn’t worried about their carbon footprint. They want horsepower (electric trucks can provide surprising torque), towing and hauling capability (and new battery powered trucks are built with utility in mind), and an approachable price point.

Will truck drivers actually make the transition from their gas guzzlers to the quieter, yet equally powerful electric version? That’s the big question.

In a new study from moveBuddha, they’ve tried to uncover which cities across the nation are prime candidates for electric truck-driving. We’re pleased to announce that 5 Colorado cities top the list!

#2 Boulder

#10 Highlands Ranch

#13 Westminster

#18 Centennial
#22 Arvada

Graphic from moveBuddha.

The study takes into account a variety of factors including:

  • EV Charging: Number of electric vehicle charging stations per 100k residents.
  • Electric Infrastructure: Electricity price and statewide laws or incentives.
  • Truck Ownership: Demographic factors indicating a truck buying population.
  • Outdoor Activities: Density of outdoor activities such as camping and parks.

Their scoring system awards double points for the EV Charging factor based on the fact that this is often a barrier for adoption.

To better understand we can look to Boulder, the #2 city in the ranking. Boulder performs exceptionally well when we look at the “Outdoor Activities” score with a high score of 10, but lacks considerably compared to the #1 city on the list when we look at the EV Charging score. Boulder’s EV Charging score of 6.2 represents 152 charging stations/100K residents). Compare that to the #1 city of Santa Clara with the highest rate at 247/100K residents and a score of 10 for EV Charging.

One big hurdle, along with any electric vehicle driver, is building a better charging infrastructure throughout the nation. The only other state on the list in competition with Colorado is California, largely thanks to many of their cities having higher scores for electric charging.

Here at Drive Electric Colorado, we are actively working to increase efforts in Colorado to electrify our roads. More electric vehicles will propel the acceleration of our transition to electric and in turn bolster the infrastructure required to make this change.

Thank you to moveBuddha for writing this guest blog article. Read the original article here.