8 Tips For Starting Your Journey to Buying an EV

June 23, 2022

Ready to start driving an EV but not sure where to start? Here are some tips about how to navigate the EV Buying Experience:​

Tip 1: Determine your driving needs

How far do you drive on a typical day? Are you an adventurous driver who often likes to navigate backroads? Do you need a certain towing capacity? Do you rely on all-wheel drive? How many seats do you need? How much cargo space is right for you? We recommend that you calculate your mileage needs over a 1-2 week period to see how many miles you drive each day. Most Americans drive an average of 37 miles a day, but many believe they go far beyond that. All battery electric vehicles and most plug-in hybrid vehicles have at least a 37-mile battery range and some have ranges as high as 320 miles, easily meeting your daily needs, whatever they may be!

Tip 2: Go for a test drive!

Driving an EV is an experience that cannot be replaced—be sure to get behind the wheel of an EV to get a feel for some of the more unique (and fun) features of these cars. You can find local events that offer ride & drive activities, test drive an EV at a dealership or showroom, or you may even be able to test drive an EV through your local utility!

Tip 3: Get in touch with local EV drivers

There is no better way to learn about what it’s like to drive an EV than talking to a local EV driver. Contact your local EV Club or reach out to us to be connected to a Coach in your region. They can give you tips and tricks for driving EVs in Colorado far beyond anything you will find online.

Tip 4:  Learn your local charging landscape

Not sure where you will charge when you are out running errands? What about when you are at work? Check out a charging app like PlugShareEVGo, or ChargePoint to learn more about where chargers are placed around your community. You might be surprised about how convenient some of these locations are! If you can’t find a charger near your workplace or multi-unit housing building, think about talking to the managers of the buildings to see if they can meet your needs for EV charging or get in touch with a Coach!

Tip 5: Decide on your personal charging needs

You can charge your car by plugging into a standard outlet. However, after learning more about your range needs, you may determine that you need a higher-powered charger in your home. If you decide that you want to level up, spend some time learning about installation costs, electricity rates, and the different types of chargers available for residential homes.

Tip 6: Determine your budget and learn about financial incentives for EV purchases

You can save money on the purchase or lease of an EV and/or the installation of a Level 2 charger in your home through tax credits received from the Federal Government. Don’t forget that you get savings from the State of Colorado as well! And you may also qualify for savings through your local utility. Talk to a financial advisor or a ReCharge Colorado coach to learn more about these financial incentives.

Tip 7: Talk to your Utility Company

Your utility may offer incentives for the purchase of an electric vehicle or installation of Level 2 chargers in your residence. Additionally, it is important to understand how your electricity bill will increase when you charge your car at home. We recommend talking to an expert to understand what different charging rates mean and how they can affect your bill. Check if your local utility offers rebates here.

Tip 8: Celebrate with Others

After you purchase your EV, be sure to take your friends for test drives so they can enjoy the amazing world of EVs along with you!

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