Unlike gasoline or diesel cars, EV owners can “refill” at home—just pull into your garage and plug it in using a standard outlet! All electric vehicles come with a 120-volt-compatible, or Level 1, home connector kit. It’s essentially a fancy extension cord that allows your car to be plugged into a standard outlet on one end and into the car on the other end. Level one charging is slow – typically 4 to 5 miles an hour added to your battery range. If you charge you car overnight this adds up to enough of a charge for you to leave your home the next time you drive with a full charge, especially given that most people drive 30 to 40 miles a day.

You can also install a charger in your garage or where you park your car with help from an electrician. If you need a quicker charge at home and you don’t have convenient access to a public or workplace charger, this may be the best option for you.

There is a growing network of charging stations in Colorado – with more are being added every day. 

Level 1 Chargers 

  • Full charge in over 12 hours
  • Typical, 3-pronged household outlet (120 V)
  • 20 amp circuit
  • Portable, mobile charger 
  • Connecting charging cable that attaches to car cable typically comes with the purchase of the car

Level 2 Chargers 

  • Full charge in 3-5 hours 
  • Laundry room or oven outlet (240 V) 
  • 40 amp circuit
  • Wall-mounted and cannot be transported 

Level 3 Chargers (DC Fast Chargers) 

  • Full charge in about 20-30 minutes 
  • Not available for home installation (480 volts)
  • Usually located roadside or in highway corridors 
  • CHAdeMO or CCS (non Tesla) chargers 
  • Will degrade battery faster than slow chargers 
Click on the image above to learn more about how to install a public Level 2 or Level 3 DCFC charger.
Click on the image above to learn more about how to install a residential level 2 charger.

Breaking down the charging cost formula:

  • Level 1: $0.11/kWh (average CO cost) x 1.9 kW max capability = $0.21/hour
  • Level 2: $0.11/kWh x 6.6 kW max capability = $0.73/hour

For more information on charging rates, click here.