Alpine Bank's Green Loans

We spoke with Susan Graf, vice president of Regional Business Development for Alpine Bank, an employee-owned community bank in Colorado. Alpine Bank cares about the communities it serves and wants each community to be successful and healthy. That’s why the Green Team was formed in 2003, aiming to improve the bank’s environmental practices and providing customers with more opportunities to live a sustainable lifestyle. Some initiatives include encouraging people to do paperless billing and using a mobile/online banking account, and educating customers about sustainability. One facet of this includes electric vehicles.

Through Alpine Bank, customers can get help financing an electric vehicle or a Level 2 charger. Alpine Bank will take off half a percent of the loan interest rate for qualified applicants interested in a used or new electric vehicle. In addition, discounted home equity loans are available for any energy efficiency project, such as purchasing or installing home charging stations. To apply, contact any of their branches and get information tailored to you based on your needs and what type of vehicle you’re looking for. 

Alpine Bank has also installed two public 2-port Level 2 chargers at their locations in Steamboat Springs and Grand Junction and one 1-port Level 2 charger in Boulder with one additional 2-port Level 2 charger installation pending at the bank’s headquarters in Glenwood Springs. If you already own an electric vehicle, you can charge here for free, whether you’re a customer or not! Susan emphasized the importance of wanting people to be more aware of EV charging infrastructure throughout the state, and these charging stations are definitely great steps toward making EV charging more accessible throughout Colorado. 

Susan also emphasized that it matters where you bank. A huge benefit of using a community bank is knowing that your money is being kept in the community, not being outsourced to fund projects like fossil fuel extraction, a common practice by big banks. Alpine Bank uses municipal bonds and main street loans to keep their money local, and Susan urged consumers to ask their banks where their money is being held.

Alpine Bank is interested in helping you finance an electric vehicle or invest in charging infrastructure! Find the nearest location to you and get your green loan  today. 

Like-minded group gathers to announce the new 2-car EV charging station at Alpine Bank in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, station is now up and running and free to the public.