Arvada's GEOS Neighborhood

The GEOS neighborhood, located in Arvada, Colorado, is ahead of the game in terms of sustainability and EV-friendly infrastructure. The idea for the GEOS neighborhood, established by Norbert Klebl in 2006, was inspired by European ingenuity and technology. Arvada’s GEOS neighborhood was built upon existing housing infrastructure including row houses and single-family homes and was expanded to include more community-centered living. The neighborhood was completed in August 2019, and “combines a traditional neighborhood living with the most advanced sustainable design and building practices” making it a “net-zero energy neighborhood that reduces waste, water use, and car trips, while providing locally-grown healthy food, and incorporates great places for kids, seniors, and people of all ages” (“Home – Geos Neighborhood”, 2021).  

The day to day living in this neighborhood is similar to that of a conventional neighborhood, but there are no energy costs since almost every home is outfitted with solar panels and air and ground sourced heating and cooling come from geothermal sources like heat pumps. GEOS townhomes “save between $1,200 and $2,400 on utility bills in the first year compared to if the home were built to normal building codes” (“Tour – Geos Neighborhood”, 2021)! Over time, GEOS homeowners can expect to rack up cumulative savings by cutting out utility costs. In addition, the more widespread the concept of GEOS home becomes, the lesser the cost will be for construction and up front costs.

Homeowners will also reduce their carbon footprint significantly! In addition to driving an electric car and living in GEOS home, they can take advantage of passive and active solar designs instead of fossil-fueled energy, and community gardens and fruit tree terraces which will lessen the need for imported food and trips to the grocery store. The neighborhood is also outfitted with civic stormwater systems and percolation parks that filter and recycle water to conserve resources.

GEOS homes also make it easy to charge your electric vehicle. Car ports are covered in solar panels, and both townhouses and single houses have 240 outlets for charging. A survey showed many residents wanting to buy an EV, and there are future plans to add chargers throughout the neighborhood. 

Interested in living here? Some townhomes are becoming available in this neighborhood, and a new phase of vacancies is on the horizon. Check out a tour of the neighborhood and how pocket neighborhoods and homes, community amenities, local businesses, parks, and gardens are integrated.

Check out the GEOS Neighborhood Facebook page. 


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