Looking for more places to charge your EV?

Want to improve EV accessibility in your area?

EVmatch is a nationwide peer-to-peer network for sharing and renting private EV charging stations.

By providing increased charging stations, EVMatch supports the adoption of electric vehicles in your area. As the Airbnb of EV charging, EVmatch makes it easier for drivers to access reliable, reservable, and affordable charging all across the U.S. Private residents and businesses can rent out charging stations or outlets for guests to book near their apartments or on the road. Whether you’re looking for more charging options, dependable charging near your home, or setting out on a road trip, EVmatch has you covered. 

Download the iOS or Android app to take advantage of charging accessibility on the go. Questions? Contact or call (970)631-5121.

Woman holding EV charger while standing next to her vehicle outside her home