Available EVs

Find out which EVs are currently available on the market and which models will be released next year. *We cannot account for inventory issues. 
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Starting Price of Available EVs on the Market

*Start­ing Price is as of July, 2022
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TYPEMake/ModelStart­ing Price*Range in MilesSeatsAWD?Avail­able in Colorado?
PHEVAudi A8L$86,5004205AWDYes
BEVAudi e‑Tron$66,8002265AWDYes
BEVAudi e‑Tron Sportback$70,0002355AWDYes
PHEVAudi Q5 e$43,5003905AWDYes
PHEVBMW X5 xDrive45e$65,7004005AWDYes
PHEVBMW 330e$43,3003205RWD/AWDYes
PHEVBMW 530e$55,5503505RWD/AWDYes
BEVChevy Bolt$31,5002595Front onlyYes
BEVChevy Bolt EUV$33,5002475Front onlyYes
PHEVChrysler Paci­fi­ca Hybrid$46,9785207FWDYes
BEVFord Mus­tang Mach E$43,8953145RWD/AWDYes
BEVGMC Hum­mer EV Pickup$110,595350+5AWDYes – reser­va­tions full
BEVHyundai Ion­iq 5 e$39,950 3035AWDYes — lim­it­ed availability
BEVHyundai Kona$34,0002585Front onlyYes
BEVJaguar i‑Pace$71,3002345AWDYes
PHEVJeep Wran­gler 4xe$54,59549e / 3705AWDYes
BEVKia Niro EV$39,9902395Front onlyYes
PHEVKia Niro PHEV$29,59026e / 5605FWDYes
PHEVLin­coln Avi­a­tor Grand Touring$68,6804507AWDReser­va­tions open
PHEVMit­subishi Out­lander PHEV$36,9953105AWDYes
BEVNis­san LEAF$27,8002125Front onlyYes
BEVPolestar 2$48,4002705FWD/AWDYes
PHEVPorsche Cayenne E‑hybrid$86,5004805AWDYes
PHEVPorsche Panam­era 4 E‑hybrid$109,0004804AWDNo
BEVPorsche Tycan Turbo$153,300201–2124AWDReser­va­tions open
PHEVRange Rover PHEV$97,00019e / 4805AWDNo
PHEVRange Rover Sport PHEV$83,00019e / 4805AWDNo
BEVRivianR1T Pick­up$67,500300+5AWDReser­va­tions open ‑Cus­tomer orders deliv­ered now
BEVTel­sa 3$48,490267 — 3585AWDYes
BEVTes­la S$109,490375–5205AWDYes
BEVTes­la Y$67,990244–3265AWDYes
BEVTes­la X$99,990341–3717AWDYes
PHEVToy­ota Prius Prime$28,67054e / 1335FWDYes
PHEVToy­ota RAV4 Prime$40,30039mpg / 94 MPGe5AWDYes
PHEVVol­vo S60 Recharge$51,25041e / 74 MPGe 5AWDYes
PHEVVol­vo S90 Recharge$70,50038e / 66 MPGe5AWDYes
BEVVol­vo XC40 Recharge$57,2002235AWDYes
PHEVVol­vo XC60 Recharge$53,50035 e / 63 MPGe5AWDYes
PHEVVol­vo XC90 Recharge$71,90032e / 58 MPGe7AWDYes
BEVVW ID.4$41,2302755RWDYes — reser­va­tions open
BEVAudi E‑Tron GT$102,4002384AWDYes
BEV$67,0002865RWDNot avail­able in the US
PHEVFord Escape PHEV$35,45537e/ 5305AWDYes
PHEVLexus NX$39,425n/a5FWD/AWDYes
BEVLucid Air$87,400406 — 5205AWDYes — reser­va­tions open
PHEVSub­aru Crosstrek PHEV$36,84590e /4805AWDAvail­able at Autho­rized Retail­ers – none in Colorado
BEVAudi Q4 e‑tron and Q4 Sport­back e‑tron $49,9002415RWD/AWDYes
BEVFord F‑150 Lightning$39,9473205AWDSold-out due to high demand
BEVKia EV6$33,9003105

Estimated Starting Price of EVs Coming to the Market 2022 or later

ClassTypeMake/ModelStart­ing Price*Range in milesSeatsAWD?Avail­able in
CVBEV2023 Mini Coop­er SE Elec­tric hardtop$34,2251104AWDReser­va­tions open
SedanBEV2023 BMW i7$119,3003005AWDAvail­able Fall 2022
SUV/CVBEV2023 Nis­san Ariya$45,9503045FWDReser­va­tions closed — com­ing to roads Fall 2022
SUVBEV2023 Nis­san Ariya$72,500260 — 3207AWDReser­va­tions open for 2023 delivery
Pick­upBEVAtlis XT Pickup$45,000300 — 5006AWDReser­va­tions open — deliv­ery antic­i­pat­ed ear­ly 2023
SedanBEVAudi A6 e‑tron $80,000400+5AWDCom­ing 2023
SedanBEVAudi A6 e‑tron $55,900282 — 3005RWD/AWDAvail­able Fall 2022
SUV/CVBEVAudi A6 e‑tron $84,100305–3245RWD/AWDAvail­able Fall 2022
SUV/CVBEVCadil­lac Lyriq EV$62,9903125RWD/AWDReser­va­tions are full
Mini­vanBEVCanoo Lifestyle Van$34,7502505–7RWD/AWDAvail­able Fall 2022 — Pre-order today
Pick­upBEVCanoo Pick­up200+2RWD/AWDCom­ing Ear­ly 2023 — Pre-order today
SUVBEVGMC Hum­mer EV SUV$105,595300+5AWDReser­va­tion Full — Ear­ly 2023
SUVBEVGMC Hum­mer EV 3x SUV$104,650300+5AWDCom­ing Spring 2023 — Reserve Today
SUVBEVGMC Hum­mer EV 2x SUV$94,650300+5AWDCom­ing Spring 2023 — Reserve Today
SUVBEVGMC Hum­mer EV 2 SUV$84,650250+5AWDCom­ing Spring 2024 — Reserve Today
Pick­upBEVGMC Hum­mer EV Pick­up Edi­tion 1$110,2953295AWDReser­va­tions Full
Pick­up BEVGMC Hum­mer EV 3x Pickup $104,650300+5AWDCom­ing Fall 2022 — Reserve Today
Pick­upBEVGMC Hum­mer EV 2x Pickup $94,650300+5AWDCom­ing Spring 2023 — Reserve Today
Pick­upBEVGMC Hum­mer EV 2 Pickup $84,650250+5AWDCom­ing Spring 2024 — Reserve Today
Pick­upBEVLord­stown Endurance $52,500250+5AWDCom­ing Fall 2022
SUVBEVChevro­let Bla­zor EV$44,9953205FWDCom­ing 2023
SUV/CVBEVChevro­let Bla­zor EV3805n/aCom­ing 2023