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We see you’re riding in one of Lyft’s electric vehicles, or EVs! If you’re here, that means you’re interested in learning more about EVs and we’re here to help. 

Learn More About Electric Vehicles

1. Electric vehicles are better for the environment.

It’s true! No tailpipe means no harmful emissions when you drive. Electric vehicles also produce little to no noise, reducing noise pollution on our roads.  In addition, you’ll reduce your exposure to benzene and other volatile organic compounds at gas stations and in your home.

2. Electric vehicles will save you money.

EV savings really add up! According to this Consumer Reports article, EV owners will experience higher lifetime savings than gas-powered vehicle owners, even despite a higher upfront EV price. EV owners spend half of what gas-powered vehicle owners spend on maintenance, plus the cost of electricity is much lower than gas. You can forget about oil changes, engine fluid needs, and fuel filters when you drive an electric vehicle.

In addition, there are tax credits available for new or leased EVs. Get $2,500 in state tax credit for a new EV and between $2,500-$7,000 in federal tax credits. When these credits are applied, many EV prices are reduced significantly, matching or even beating gas-powered car competitors. 

How Much Can I Save by Driving an EV?


3. Electric vehicles are fun to drive!

With features like instant peak torque providing maximum power and quick acceleration, regenerative braking, and a smooth, quiet ride, it’s no surprise that once you drive an EV, you may never want to go back! Most electric vehicles also have the same, if not more, driving assist features and some are equipped with autonomous driving capabilities to help you relax and reduce risky driving behavior. 

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Drive and Try

Want to rent an electric vehicle for a week? Lyft offers subsidized rentals for consumers with free, unlimited charging (read: zero gas or charging costs)! You can drive a Kia Niro EV and experience the fun, smooth drive of an electric vehicle. 

  • Tier 1: $184, 90 personal mi/wk
  • Tier 2: $224, 250 personal mi/wk
  • Tier 3: $284, 350 personal mi/wk
  • Tier 4: $389, unlimited mi/wk

Interested? Sign up here. Or, contact us and we’ll get you in touch with Lyft!