How to Make the Switch to an EV Fit Your Budget

Sarah Clark and her Nissan LEAF

Switching to an electric vehicle doesn’t have to be out of your budget. Sarah Clark, Charge Ahead Colorado Program Coordinator at the Regional Air Quality Council, felt the urgency to take personal action against climate change and wanted to reduce her carbon footprint by switching to a vehicle with zero tailpipe emissions. After considering an EV for two years, she finally decided that 2021 would be the year to make the switch, and began her journey to find the right car for her.

Sarah, like many prospective EV buyers, started looking at new EV models but decided to direct her search towards used EVs instead. Even with federal and state tax credits, many new models ended up costing more than a used car. In addition, Sarah wanted to find a used model within her budget that had the range and features she was looking for. To gain more knowledge about EVs, she test drove a Mustang Mach-E and a Nissan LEAF, dispelling her prior perceptions that EVs were slow and rattly – they were quite literally the opposite! She also learned about how easy charging really was by testing it out at the dealerships.

 Sarah moved her search to Craigslist and found a 2018 Nissan LEAF that brought together her three most important criteria: budget, style, and range. With low mileage and a 10-year battery warranty, it was a low-risk purchase that satisfied her urge to do good for the environment. She’s used her car mainly for errands and shorter out-of-town drives, never having come close to the 140-mile range limit. While Sarah has used PlugShare to locate charging stations, she mainly relies on Level 2 charging at home. A used electric vehicle was the perfect car for Sarah and with many electric vehicles hitting the used market on a variety of car selling sites and platforms, it’s easier to find the right vehicle for your lifestyle than ever before.