Myth: You can’t off-road in an EV.

Myth Busted: The truth is, there are many EV models that come with AWD and towing capacity with more coming out soon. As technology improves, electric vehicles will have fewer limitations and will be more comparable to internal combustion cars. Several manufacturers have been increasing the capabilities of their EVs to accomplish incredible things, including Rivian and Ford.  

Rivian has been doing some early durability testing with their EV models. Recently, they took two EVs on a 13,000 mile road trip from South America to Los Angeles to get data on how the vehicles, specifically the batteries, handle in different terrain. They also aimed to demonstrate that you can still visit remote places in an EV. The data they collected is being used to improve the models and all the improved features are going to be put into the production vehicles that will be out to customers next year.  

Ford is also testing their all-electric F-150 truck, which will be available to consumers soon. To test its capabilities, they towed over 1 million pounds for 1,000 feet with a single all-electric truck, an incredible feat even for a gasoline vehicle.  

Rivian's "Long Way Up"

Ford: F-150 Prototype

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