Noah Mills is 14 years old and is rather fond of EVs as he is of his five animals including Stormy, his cat.

Noah Mills, a 14-year-old electric vehicle (EV) supporter, has a clear vision about the importance of EVs. So much so that he is already investing.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: “I’m in middle school in East Tennessee. I enjoy going on hikes and playing video games during my free time. I am very fond of electric vehicles and like to keep up with them. I have a total of five animals living at my house – three cats, one dog and one chicken named ‘Doodle.’”

Q: What kind of EV do you drive?

A: “Well, I’m 14, so I’m not driving yet, although I’d like a blue Tesla Model S because of its sleek beautiful design. I’d call her Abby.”

Q: Why would you call your Tesla “Abby”?

A: “Abby was my dog friend. She was sleek and beautiful. I have good memories of her.”

Q: It sounds like you like animals. Would you consider giving all of your pets a test drive in your future Tesla Model S?

A: “Sure.”

Q: Even “Doodle” – the chicken?

A:  Yes, especially Doodle! She has never been in a car.”

Abby – Noah’s dog. Noah’s future Tesla would be named after Abby in loving memory.
My name is Doodle and, cluck, Noah has promised me a ride in his Tesla.

Q: If you could design an EV, what would you like to see produced?

A: “I would like to see an EV with a better battery, a nice design on the outside and a cozy inside.”

Q: When did your interest in EVs begin?

A: “A couple of years ago. I kept hearing more and more about EVs, so I decided to take a look at them.”

Q: I heard that you had asked for a unique Christmas gift in 2019. Can you tell us more?

A: “I asked for some Tesla stock as a Christmas gift in 2019.”

Q: Do you have any regrets about asking for this kind of Christmas gift and do you have any advice about buying EV stocks?

A: “I do not have any regrets about it. The Tesla stock has risen so much since I bought some. My advice is to do your research about the company that you want to invest in and think about the company’s future. I have a stock broker that has good experience.”

Q: Why do you think EVs are important?

A: “EVs are important because, in this century alone, humans have done so much damage to the earth. EVs are one step forward to a cleaner and healthier earth.”

Q: What is the most exciting feature about EVs?

A: “EVs do not require gas!”

Thank you to Virginia Salazar Buda, Drive Electric Tennessee Coordinator, for authoring this guest blog article. Read the original here.