Local Company Making a Big Difference for Colorado EV Drivers

Interested in finding out how much of your electric bill comes from your EV? Perhaps you’d like to find out how much money you’re saving by driving electric versus driving a gas car. Or you would love to provide feedback to a local Colorado company that is trying to help EV drivers enjoy the best possible experience and the lowest cost of operation…

Please consider visiting Rolling Energy Resource’s website and enrolling in the MyCharge platform to help them better understand EV drivers. They are offering free access to this platform to all Colorado EV drivers. To check whether your car is eligible to participate now, please use the compatibility checker.


Rolling Energy Resources is a proud sponsor of Drive Electric Colorado and is taking a new approach to understanding and managing electricity demand from vehicle charging. They are conducting leading industry research and providing you, EV owners, with understanding of your charging behaviors, patterns, and costs. They are also sharing insight with drivers on how much you are saving driving an EV. Rolling Energy Resources is working hard to assist the electric utilities to get you the power you need and to make sure that as EV usage grows, the power will stay available when you need it. 

Rolling Energy Resources is asking for volunteers to be a part of several focus groups to help improve their services to the EV community. The team at Rolling Energy Resources looks forward to being a good partner to every Colorado EV driver. If you have any questions about their services or need help in enrolling in the MyCharge platform, please reach out to them at .