The Nissan LEAF and EV Scavenger Hunt Experience

Rick Reeser, a local Greeley resident, recently leased a Nissan LEAF and has been participating in Drive Electric Colorado’s EV Experience Scavenger Hunt. One of the Drive Electric Colorado team members spoke with Rick about his experience with the LEAF and his insights on the scavenger hunt. 

Rick leased the Nissan LEAF on October 17, 2020 upon hearing about the great EV Deal offer from Tynan’s Nissan – $49/month for 24 months! Already having done the research on electric vehicles and fascinated by the science and technology behind them, Rick was excited at this opportunity to drive electric for such an affordable price. The LEAF is a welcome upgrade from his Prius C, with better acceleration, a stronger engine, more power, and, of course, never requires a trip to the gas station. Rick also likes the LEAF’s safety features, including the blind spot and lane departure warnings which alert him about nearby cars and unintentional lane drift, as well as rear-cross traffic alerts that assist with backing out of spaces where you may not see approaching traffic. These features make driving easier and Rick appreciates the high-tech specs of the LEAF. Another reason Rick has enjoyed driving the LEAF so far has been its convenient nature, especially for shorter trips. As a retiree, Rick says the LEAF is more efficient for short trips within range, as he doesn’t need to commute and has the time for slower charging at home. He hasn’t used any public charging stations yet but has found the 110v Level 1 charger, a regular three-prong outlet in his garage, adequate for his charging needs. For those who may need to commute to work, drive more often, or have larger families, a different electric vehicle may be a better option. However, the LEAF has suited Rick’s needs perfectly and he’s excited to continue driving it for the next two years. When his lease ends, he plans on purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle over a gas-powered car, and would like to see what options and technology will be available in the future. 

Rick has also been participating in Drive Electric Colorado’s EV Experience Scavenger Hunt, a fun way to learn about and become aware of electric vehicles by completing app-based missions and tasks. He started playing in early October and has earned points for missions such as test driving an electric vehicle, getting information about tax incentives from a dealership, and sharing how he would spend the $4,000 he could get from Colorado state tax credit, eligible in 2020. Even though the cash prizes are a great incentive for players, Rick is happy to be leasing an EV and listed driving his Nissan LEAF as an incentive in itself. This scavenger hunt is running until January 1, so any interested participants can still join by downloading the GooseChase app and entering game code “4XWJGB.”