Public Chargers

There are cur­rent­ly more than 1,500 pub­lic Lev­el 2 and DC Fast Charg­ing Sta­tions across the state rep­re­sent­ing over 3,300 charg­ing ports, with more being added every day.

There are many dif­fer­ent charg­ing net­works through­out the U.S. includ­ing Elec­tri­fy Amer­i­ca, Charge­Point, Tes­la Super­charg­er, EVgo net­work, and more. Find out how to locate charg­ing sta­tions, includ­ing through mobile apps that can help you find charg­ing near you or along your road trip route.

Use these links to find a public charging station.

Use these links to access the charger once you have arrived.

Below is a great video on how to charge your Electric Vehicle on a public charger for the first time!

Interested in installing your own public EV charging station?

Click on the image above to learn more about how to install a pub­lic Lev­el 2 or Lev­el 3 DCFC charger.


Take the Workplace Charging Commitment

Drive Clean Colorado is committed to ensuring the benefits of electrification are distributed equitably. Through workplace charging projects, we aim to lower the barriers to electric vehicle adoption in Colorado by increasing the number of employers currently offering workplace charging to their employees. 

Employers can join us by pledging to provide EV charging access for employees using the form below. No matter what size your organization is or where you are in the workplace charging implementation process, Drive Clean Colorado can help along the way.

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As an employer, I will actively pursue workplace charging, which may include:




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