Black Hills Energy EV Rebates


Charging Rebates and Programs

Welcome to Colorado Ready EV  – get all the information about Black Hills Energy’s Ready EV program here.

Residential EV Charging Rebate

$500 for eligible customers who install a qualifying Level 2 charger and enroll in residential Time-of-Day* rates Up to $1,300 for income-qualifying customers. Learn more here.

Time-of-Day Rates

Time-of-Day on-peak period is from 3-7pm during weekdays and non-holidays. All other times are lower priced hours, or the off-peak period – charging an EV is much more affordable during off-peak hours! *Required for all customers accepting a Black Hills Energy EV charger rebate, but open to all residential customers who wish to switch their whole house to this rate schedule. Learn more here.

Business/Non-Profit EV Charging Rebate

Up to $2,000 for Small Businesses/Multi-Unit Dwellings Up to $3,000 for Governmental/Non-Profits Up to $35,000 for Large Commercial + Industrial customers. Learn more here. 

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