Xcel Energy provides robust EV rebates, incentives, and resources. 

  • As an Xcel Energy customer, you can receive special discounts off the cost of an EV or public charging from tax credits, incentives and rebates with partnering dealerships. Find out how you can save up to $10,500 here. 
  • Get personalized EV charging advice from Xcel Energy’s Home Charging Advisor.
  • Get additional resources about EVs, including comparing costs between EV and conventional gas models, exploring personalized incentives, and learn more about charging programs here. 
  • If you want to know more about how Xcel Energy is supporting the advancement of EVs and EV infrastructure in Colorado, check out our blog post on the proposed Xcel Energy Transportation Electrification Plan.
  • Do you know a community, business, or organization that may benefit from EV planning and charging services? Direct them to Xcel’s Business Services

Click the image below to learn more about Xcel Energy’s EV program.