Clean Energy Credit Union

November 11, 2020

Clean Energy Credit Union

Clean Energy Credit Union is the only federally-chartered credit union that is focused solely on clean energy lending and environmental stewardship. Its mission to promote clean energy, environmental stewardship, and cooperative enterprises is achieved by providing clean energy loans that reduce the cost of living for members while also decreasing their environmental footprint. Clean Energy Credit Union is dedicated to providing loans to help people afford products and services that will improve our environment and save costs, as well as provide people an option to invest in clean energy. With around 3,000 members and 2,800 loans supplied so far, they offer the best available loans in the market and uses money that is invested by members to help finance clean energy products and services.

Blake Jones, co-founder and board member of Clean Energy Credit Union, was inspired to create it because of frustration and difficulties over finding affordable financing for clean energy products or services. Existing options were too expensive or too hard to find, so Blake, a self-declared “renewable energy and environmental geek,” wanted a solution that would make it easier for everyone to afford to use clean energy. He also wanted a way for “environmental geeks” like himself to have a better way to participate in the clean energy movement, like being able to invest in clean energy projects. With a low minimum investment threshold of $5, investing in clean energy is easy, affordable, and more widely available through Clean Energy Credit Union. Blake hopes that other financial institutions will follow in Clean Energy Credit Union’s footsteps and offer similar options to those interested in participating in the environmental movement.

While members are primarily using Clean Energy Credit Union for solar panel loans, geothermal energy solutions, green home improvements, and electric vehicle financing are becoming more popular options as well. Clean Energy Credit Union is a great place for those interested in electric vehicles to get loans for their next vehicle, charging station, or to bundle deals with solar panels for efficient charging solutions. Clean Energy Credit Union aspires to make it easier to afford the switch to more environmentally friendly options, so if you’ve been waiting to get an electric vehicle or upgrade your home charger, now is a great time to explore their loan options.

Find out how to join, apply for a loan, or invest in clean energy today.

The Bybee family with their new 2016 Nissan LEAF. They also plan to install solar on their home soon.

Clean Energy Credit Union’s debit card – can you find all the environmentally-friendly options hidden in the image?

The Southworth Family and their new Tesla, financed with help from Clean Energy Credit Union.

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