Local Company Making a Big Difference for Colorado EV Drivers

December 13, 2021

Local Company Making a Big Difference for Colorado EV Drivers

Inter­est­ed in find­ing out how much of your elec­tric bill comes from your EV? Per­haps you’d like to find out how much mon­ey you're sav­ing by dri­ving elec­tric ver­sus dri­ving a gas car. Or you would love to pro­vide feed­back to a local Col­orado com­pa­ny that is try­ing to help EV dri­vers enjoy the best pos­si­ble expe­ri­ence and the low­est cost of operation…

Please con­sid­er vis­it­ing Rolling Ener­gy Resource's web­site and enrolling in the MyCharge plat­form to help them bet­ter under­stand EV dri­vers. They are offer­ing free access to this plat­form to all Col­orado EV dri­vers. To check whether your car is eli­gi­ble to par­tic­i­pate now, please use the com­pat­i­bil­i­ty checker.

Rolling Ener­gy Resources is a proud spon­sor of Dri­ve Elec­tric Col­orado and is tak­ing a new approach to under­stand­ing and man­ag­ing elec­tric­i­ty demand from vehi­cle charg­ing. They are con­duct­ing lead­ing indus­try research and pro­vid­ing you, EV own­ers, with under­stand­ing of your charg­ing behav­iors, pat­terns, and costs. They are also shar­ing insight with dri­vers on how much you are sav­ing dri­ving an EV. Rolling Ener­gy Resources is work­ing hard to assist the elec­tric util­i­ties to get you the pow­er you need and to make sure that as EV usage grows, the pow­er will stay avail­able when you need it.

Rolling Ener­gy Resources is ask­ing for vol­un­teers to be a part of sev­er­al focus groups to help improve their ser­vices to the EV com­mu­ni­ty. The team at Rolling Ener­gy Resources looks for­ward to being a good part­ner to every Col­orado EV dri­ver. If you have any ques­tions about their ser­vices or need help in enrolling in the MyCharge plat­form, please reach out to them at .

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