Electric Vehicle Incentives

Want to switch to an EV? 
Here’s how you can charge ahead and save!

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  New EVs / PHEVs:
$2,500 for a new EV or $1,500 for a 2+ year leasexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Up to $7,500 in fed­er­al tax cred­it if the vehi­cle is assem­bled in the US and has fair trade coun­try bat­tery sourc­ing. New qual­i­fi­ca­tions will come into effect Jan­u­ary 1, 2023. To learn more vis­it this page.
$5,500 for income qual­i­fied cus­tomersxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  Used EVs / PHEVs:
$3,000 for income-qual­i­fied cus­tomersxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Federal Tax Credit: 
Up to $4,000 or 30% of vehi­cle price (whichev­er is low­er) start­ing Jan­u­ary 1, 2023


Charging Programs:
$13.29/month for a lev­el 2 charg­er includ­ing installation/maintenance
$50 annu­al cred­it for charg­ing dur­ing one of three avail­able off-peak times
Up to $500 or increased to $1,300 for income-qual­i­fied customers

Charging Programs:
  • Residential EV Charging Rebate:
$500 for eli­gi­ble cus­tomers who install a qual­i­fy­ing Lev­el 2 charg­er and enroll in res­i­den­tial Time-of-Day rates and up to $1,300 for income-qual­i­fy­ing customers
All times out­side 3–7pm dur­ing week­days are low­er priced hours
Up to $2,000 for Small Busi­ness­es/­Mul­ti-Unit Dwellings, up to $3,000 for Gov­ern­men­tal/Non-Prof­its, up to $35,000 for Large Com­mer­cial + Indus­tri­al customers


Disclaimer: Drive Electric Colorado and its affiliates are not tax advisors. This information is provided to help you make an informed decision. Please consult your tax advisor for advice about your specific situation.



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