EV Myths and Myth Busters

Ever wonder if what you've heard about electric vehicles is true or not?

We're here to help you bust those myths by shar­ing fac­tu­al infor­ma­tion you can trust. Learn more by read­ing each blog post. 

Myth #1: EVs are just as bad for the environment as fossil fuel cars. 

Myth: EVs are just as bad for the envi­ron­ment as fos­sil fuel cars.

Myth Bust­ed: EVs run more effi­cient­ly, emit no tailpipe emis­sions, and pro­duce few­er emis­sions overall.

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Myth #2: You can't get an EV wet!

Myth: EVs can't get wet.

Myth Bust­ed: Evs are safe to dri­ve through water and to charge in the rain.

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Myth #3: You can get cancer from the battery in an EV.

Myth: You can get can­cer from the bat­tery in an EV.

Myth Bust­ed: The elec­tro­mag­net­ic field lev­els in an EV's bat­tery pose no risk to your health. 

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Myth #4: You can't off-road in an EV.

Myth: You can't off-road in an EV.

Myth Bust­ed: Many EV mod­els come with AWD and tow­ing capac­i­ty, and many new­er mod­els even have off-road­ing features.

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Myth #5: EVs catch fire more often than gas cars.

Myth: EVs catch fire more often than gas cars.

Myth Bust­ed: The tech­nol­o­gy in EV bat­ter­ies is specif­i­cal­ly designed to pre­vent ther­mal run­way. Over­all, EVs are high­ly rat­ed for safety.

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Myth #6: EVs depreciate faster than gas-powered cars.

Myth: EVs depre­ci­ate faster than gas cars.

Myth Bust­ed: This is dif­fi­cult to deter­mine since the EV mar­ket is so new, but cer­tain mod­els have held their value.

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Myth #7: The electric grid can't support EVs and electric rates will increase.

Myth: EVs will dri­ve up elec­tric rates and stress the grid. 

Myth Bust­ed: With time of use rates and prop­er man­age­ment, the elec­tric grid has enough capac­i­ty to sup­port wide­spread use of EVs. Elec­tric rates will actu­al­ly decrease.

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Myth #8: EVs don't drive well in winter weather.

Myth: EVs don't dri­ve well in win­ter weather.

Myth Bust­ed: EVs are great to dri­ve in win­ter weath­er because of their supe­ri­or han­dling and weight dis­tri­b­u­tion, which makes for safer maneu­ver­abil­i­ty. 

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Myth #9: You can't road trip in an EV. 

Myth: You can't road trip in an EV.

Myth Bust­ed: Road trips are def­i­nite­ly doable in an EV! Just make sure to plan your route for charg­ing stops. 

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Myth #10: EVs are only accessible for the wealthy. 

Myth: EVs are only acces­si­ble for the wealthy.

Myth Bust­ed: There are many pro­grams and oppor­tu­ni­ties avail­able that make own­ing an EV afford­able for everyone.

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Myth #11: EV insurance is more expensive because EVs aren't as safe as gas cars.

Myth: Insur­ance for EVs is more expen­sive because they are not as safe or reli­able as gas cars.

Myth Bust­ed: EVs are no less safe or reli­able than gas cars. EV insur­ance increas­es slight­ly due to the devel­op­ing technology.

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Myth #12: You need a smartphone to use a public charging station.

Myth: You need a smart­phone to be able to charge at a pub­lic charger.

Myth Bust­ed: You can use your cred­it card to pay for your charg­ing ses­sion instead of down­load­ing an app.

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Myth #12: EVs can't go through an automated car wash.

Myth: EVs can't go through an auto­mat­ed car wash.

Myth Bust­ed: EVs can go through a car wash the same as a gas car. Just put the car in neu­tral and you're good to go!

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