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The 7 Ben­e­fits of Own­ing an Elec­tric Vehi­cle:

Elec­tric vehi­cle sales hit new record in Q2:

Arti­cle, 'Inside Clean Ener­gy: Some EVs Now Pay for Them­selves in a Year':

Blog post on Elec­tric Vehi­cles on the Road report:–2/

Blog post on Hyundai Ion­iq 6 for A Girls Guide to Cars:

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15 min webi­nar: How can we prof­itably recy­cle EV bat­ter­ies? reg­is­tra­tion:

Xcel EV Charg­er and Wiring Rebate appli­ca­tion:–07-530_CO-EV-HomeWiring_app_P03.pdf

'Elec­tri­fy Your Ride' EV Show­case, June 21st, reg­is­tra­tion:

"How Col­orado plans to spend $12 mil­lion in new fund­ing on an e‑bike pro­gram," The Col­orado Sun arti­cle:‑bike-colorado-rebate-program-statewide/

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2023 Chevy Bolt to be Most Afford­able EV:

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EV Sales Trend arti­cle: Volk­swa­gen ID.4 What Fuels You Road Trip Series, fea­tur­ing Dri­ve Elec­tric Colorado:

Col­orado needs hun­dreds of thou­sands of EV charg­ers. Here’s where they’re going:  Free down­load of “The Worlds Lit­tlest Book on Cli­mate”: How You Can Afford an EV Webi­nar record­ing: Uber adds elec­tric vehi­cle optio in update: VW wants to res­ur­rect Scout as a Riv­ian-like off-road EV brand: The Most impor­tant EV of the Deacde?: A goofy, Col­orado-made elec­tric car is find­ing a sec­ond life with hob­by­ists: List of low­er Cost­ing EVs: USDOE $3 Bil­lion Toward EV Bat­tery Man­u­fac­tur­ing: How to build a bet­ter bat­tery: Sub­aru Solter­ra EV: GMA Gin­ger Zee EV Road­trip: Ford F150 Elec­tric Pick­up Truck Pro­duc­tion: The Rise of Brand-New Sec­ond­hand EVs: Try­ing to elec­tri­fy your home, add solar pan­els or buy an e‑bike? Den­ver wants to help pay for it: See Colorado’s Nation­al Parks in Your Elec­tric Vehi­cle: Plan to Vis­it a Nation­al Park in Cel­e­bra­tion of Nation­al Park Week: Switch­ing to zero-emis­sion cars and trucks could save more than 100,000 lives over the next three decades: Hon­da and GM announce line of afford­able EVs: Hertz buys up to 65,000 elec­tric cars from Polestar: Buy­ing an EV amid high demand and sup­ply chain issues: Bent­ly Plans to release EVs: How much it costs to charge an EV vs. refu­el­ing a gas vehi­cle: Starbucks/Volvo Pilot Pro­gram: Reg­is­ter for DEVC Zoom Meet­ing: The Next Tool in the Cli­mate Tool­box: Your Parked EV: Types of Elec­tri­fied Vehi­cles: Elec­tric 2023 Mer­cedes Benz EQS SUV Review: Ford’s Elec­tric Uni­ver­si­ty: 2024 Volk­swag­on ID Buzz Elec­tric Mocrobus revealed:  How Easy Is it to find an EV Charg­ing Sta­tion?: New to the EV World? What Should you Know?: The top 10 most effiecient elec­tric cars in the US: Shell turns old gas sta­tion into EV-Only Charg­ing Hub:–2 Light­ning eMo­tors com­pletes Col­orado facil­i­ty expan­sion, dou­bles pro­duc­tion capac­i­ty, and shares man­u­fac­tur­ing video: Reg­is­ter for Argonne Webi­nar: Tes­la Fre­mont Fac­to­ry Dis­plays Pike’s Peak Mod­el 3 Rac­er:‑3/ How Many Elec­tric Cars Are There in the World: Yale Study Puts the Kibosh on EV Emis­sions Myths: Kia EV6 – the new stan­dard in val­ue: DeLore­an Return­ing as EV Mak­er: Time to Stamp Out Dirty Trucks at the Post Office: Gen­er­al Motors Com­mer­cial – Dr. EV-il: (RMI) Fund­ing Our Future: The EV Tran­si­tion Requires Infra­struc­ture that Inspires Con­fi­dence and Pow­ers All Com­mu­ni­ties: BMW & Elec­tri­fy Amer­i­ca Com­pli­men­ta­ry Charg­ing Col­lab­o­ra­tion: Den­ver E‑Bike Library Map: Ford Kicks of 2022 With it’s high­est EV Sales num­bers: Atlas Policy’s EV Vs. Gas Total Cost of Own­er­ship Guide: Lam­borgh­i­ni to Release First All-Elec­tric Car in 2028: The Coolest EV Con­cepts: Jeep Grand Chero­kee 4xe Plug-In Hybrid Com­ing Soon: Atlas EV Hub Charg­ing Cor­ri­dors: How to Choose the Right Home Charg­er: Aptera Track Test Update: Bridgestone/Firestone EV Ser­vices to Come: Reporter “idles” in EV for 12 freez­ing hours to test what hap­pens: Mul­ti­ple Com­pa­nies Switch­ing to Elec­tric Vans: Col­orado Shared Micro­mo­bil­i­ty Sub­groups: Mach‑E GT Win­ter Dri­ving Review: Vol­vo 2021 Plug-In Sales: VW ID BUZZ Teas­er Video: Dept. of Energy’s Bet­ter Grid Ini­tia­tive: What I’ve Learned from Dri­ving an EV: Van­der­hall Braw­ley Elec­tric UTV: Gov­ern­ment data show gaso­line vehi­cles are up to 100x more prone to fires than EVs: Nation­al Auto Deal­ers Asso­ci­a­tion Says Its All-In on EVs: In a com­par­i­son of life-cycle emis­sions, EVs crushed com­bus­tion cars: Yale Research Finds EVs Pro­vide Low­er Car­bon Emis­sions: Elec­trek Most Antic­i­pat­ed EVs of 2022: EVs in Col­orado Dash­board: EV Win­ter Traf­fic Jam Tes­ti­mo­ni­al: Morn­ing Con­sult EV sur­vey Chevy Sil­ver­a­do EV: GEOS Neigh­bor­hood Blog Post: GEOS Neigh­bor­hood Meets the Con­strains of the Build­ing Indus­try: Coast to Coast in a Tes­la Mod­el Y:‑y/ Q1 2021 Work­place Charg­ing Update: Hyundai Ion­iq 5 Com­pet­i­tive Pric­ing with Longer Range: VW to Offer Plug and Charge and V2G Charg­ing:

Recur­rent Auto — How Cold Weath­er Affects EV Range:

Toy­ota Elec­tric Truck Con­cept:

Hyundai Ion­iq 5 Pric­ing Released:

Dri­ve Clean Col­orado Intern­ship Oppor­tu­ni­ty:

With­out access to charg­ing sta­tions, Black and His­pan­ic com­mu­ni­ties may be left behind in the era of elec­tric vehi­cles:

EMPOWER Project: Nation­al Elec­tric High­way Coali­tion: Hyundai Ion­iq 5 Range: EVs are the Most Effi­cient Cars: Smart Charg­ing an EV: What is the cost of charg­ing an EV?: How to Choose the Right Home EV Charg­ing Sta­tion: Edu­ca­tion about Elec­tric Vehi­cles Increas­es Like­li­hood Buy­ers Will Con­sid­er Pur­chas­ing Them:–2021-education-about-electric-vehicles-increases Toy­ota bz4X and 2030 Goal: Elec­tric SUVs Revealed at L.A. Auto Show: 2022 Fuel Econ­o­my Guide: Mus­tang Mach‑E Review & Sav­ing Mon­ey with Xcel Ener­gy blog post: 11% of F‑150 Light­ning Reser­va­tion Hold­ers are Tes­la Own­ers: Vol­vo Demands Ful­ly Renew­able Elec­tric Grid: COP26 Glas­gow Dec­la­ra­tion on Zero Emis­sion Cars and Vans: GM and EVGo Boost Charg­ing Net­work: Sub­aru Solter­ra Details: Zero S/R New Elec­tric Motor­cy­cle Mod­el: I Tried an E‑Bike for the First Time:‑tried-an-electric-bicycle-for-the-first-time The Pop­u­lar­i­ty of E‑Bikes Isn't Slow­ing Down: Ford F‑150 Light­ning Sur­pass­es 160,000 Reser­va­tions: Access to EVs is an Envi­ron­men­tal Jus­tice Issue: Aptera Motors Enter­ing Beta Phase: Tesla's New Lev­el 2 Home Charg­er: Charge Across Amer­i­ca: GM to Increase EV Charg­ing at Deal­er­ships: Mont­bel­lo Con­nec­tor pilot pro­gram: Sca­nia Group Study — EV Life­cy­cle Emis­sions: EVs Can Give Pow­er Back to the Grid or Your Home: Bil­ly Idle Cam­paign: Lucid Motors Starts Cus­tomer Deliv­ery: Forbes — EV Dri­vers Pre­fer Ded­i­cat­ed Home Charg­ing Sta­tions: Uber Dri­vers to Have Access to 50,000 Hertz Tesla's: BMW Starts Pro­duc­tion of i4: Hertz to buy Tesla's for Fleet: How a com­pa­ny turned used Nis­san Leaf EV bat­ter­ies into mon­ey­mak­ers: Colorado's Posi­tion as EV Leader: Car­mak­ers rush to build bat­ter­ies for elec­tric vehi­cles: Toy­ota Charges into Elec­tri­fied Future with 10 Year, $3.4 Bil­lion Invest­ment:‑3–4‑billion-investment/ Clean Cities Act Rein­tro­duced:‑re­leas­es/m­ceachin-rein­tro­duces-clean-cities-act-pro­mote-sus­tain­able-trans­porta­tion Ful­ly Solar-Pow­ered Camper­van was Dri­ven Across Europe: ENERGY Fact of the Week — GHG Emis­sions of Elec­tric SUV Half of That of Gas SUV: EV Safe­ty Rat­ings & More: Best Cities for Elec­tric Trucks: Col­orado Sun Opin­ion — Col­orado Needs Stronger EV Poli­cies: The Next Step for EVs is to Make Them Part of the Grid: GM Plans to Dou­ble Rev­enue by 2030: RAQC's Mow Down Pol­lu­tion Pro­gram Sees Seri­ous Demand in Den­ver: Argonne Car Webtool EV Tool: Xcel Energy's New EV Incen­tives: Jay Leno Test Dri­ves Aptera: SWEEP's Elec­tric Trucks Report: GM and GE Part­ner­ing on Rare Earth Mate­ri­als Vital to EVs:  The Declin­ing Price of Bat­tery Packs: Rolls-Royce First Elec­tric Car: GM 100% Renew­able Ener­gy by 2025: Gold­en Real Estate EV Roundup: Reg­is­ter for the Charge Ahead Col­orado Grant Webi­nar: Jeep Grand Chero­kee PHEV Option: EV Myths and Myth­busters: Lucid Motors to Begin Cus­tomer Deliv­er­ies in Octo­ber: Riv­ian Test Dri­ve by Road­show: Fox 21 News Col­orado Springs EV Ride and Dri­ve Arti­cle:‑2/ Ford's $11.4 Bil­lion Invest­ment for EVs: Col­orado Sun EV FAQ Arti­cle: 4CORE Duran­go Event Recap Arti­cle: Myth Buster: EV Insur­ance Safe­ty: NPR — Are You Buy­ing a Car This Year?: Ford Adding 450 Jobs to Boost F‑150 Light­ning Pro­duc­tion: How to Reach 50% of Zero Emis­sion Vehi­cles: EV Bat­tery Life Cycle Arti­cle: Fact of the Week, eVMT: CAKE and Polestar Team up for E‑Bike: GM Plants Clos­ing Due to Chip Short­age:

Hyundai's New EV Will Soon Be a Self-Dri­ving Taxi:

Tulane Bat­tery Charg­ing Promis­es Much Faster Charg­ing than Lithi­um: The Riv­ian R1T Is the Most Remark­able Elec­tric Truck We've Ever Dri­ven: Ready to Dri­ve Tips to Buy­ing an EV: Tes­la HGV Con­cept: Save $40,000 Over the Next 10 Years by Sell­ing Your Car: Riv­ian to go Pub­lic Soon: Mach‑E Vlog YouTube Video — Col­orado Springs 150th Cel­e­bra­tion Recap: Elec­tri­fy Amer­i­ca Now Works with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay: Tes­la Mod­el 3 Sur­passed 1 Mil­lion Sales: Updat­ed Myth­buster Blog Post, EVs Blow Up: First Impres­sions of a Car­go E‑bike: Elec­tric Safari Tours Are Com­ing Soon: Tes­la Says 92% of Bat­tery Cell Mate­ri­als Can Be Reused: Dri­ve Clean Col­orado Intern­ship Appli­ca­tion — APPLY HERE!: Why You Should Stream Extreme E This Week­end: Dri­ve Elec­tric Col­orado Joins the Glob­al EV Alliance: Xcel Ener­gy EV Show­case at Free Con­cert: Ford F‑150 Pro­duc­tion Dou­bled: 9 Every­day Errands You Can Tack­le While Charg­ing Your EV:‑everyday-errands-you-can-tackle-while-charging-your-ev/ Riv­ian R1T Await­ing Final Gov­ern­ment Approval: Fox21 News Dri­ve Elec­tric Col­orado Media Fea­ture: Best U.S. Met­ros for EVs — Den­ver is #14: Porsche eBikes: Elec­tric Cars and Bat­ter­ies: How Will the World Pro­duce Enough?:–02222‑1 The Years of Com­bus­tion Cars May Already Be Behind Us, Bloomberg: Major­i­ty of Bat­tery Cell and Bat­tery Packs Pro­duced in the US: EPA-Esti­mat­ed ver­sus Edmunds-Test­ed EV Range Com­par­i­son: Xcel Ener­gy Home Wiring Rebate: Tell Your Boss — Work­place Charg­ing for EVs, Please!: RMI  — We Have Solu­tions to the Cli­mate Cri­sis: Now We Must Act: EV Myth Buster Blog Post — EVs are Only Acces­si­ble for the Wealthy: Biden Sets Goal for 50% of Vehi­cles to be Elec­tric by 2030: Bloomberg: Where We Are Now in the Road to Elec­tric Vehi­cles: UN Cli­mate Change Report Is "Code Red for Human­i­ty":–5196624?utm_campaign=treehugger&utm_medium=email&utm_source=cn_nl&utm_content=24697610&utm_term= Nis­san LEAF Price Cut Makes it Most Afford­able EV: Tes­la Cybertruck Delayed to 2022: Col­orado Sun arti­cle, Air Pol­lu­tion FAQ: GM to Source More Sus­tain­able Lithi­um: EV License Plate Bill Blog Post update: Plug in Amer­i­ca Peti­tion to Ful­ly Invest in an EV Future: Become Flu­ent in EV Charg­ing: Idle Reduc­tion Blog Post: Charge Fleet Fea­ture on Xcel Ener­gy & Dri­ve Clean Col­orado Press Release: Xcel Ener­gy & Dri­ve Clean Col­orado Press Release: EVs are Even Clean­er than we Pre­vi­ous­ly Thought: EV Charg­ing Roam­ing Net­work Com­ing Soon: Volk­swa­gen ID Buzz May Come in 3 Dif­fer­ent Ver­sions: Mer­cedes Teas­es EQXX: Sol­id-state elec­tric vehi­cle bat­tery break­through announced: Hotels Should be Offer­ing EV Charg­ing: Tes­la Mod­el 3 vs Toy­ota Cam­ry Hybrid Cost of Own­er­ship Com­par­i­son: E‑Bikes Could Be the Fastest Ride to Zero Car­bon: Volk­swa­gen Con­firms ID.8 Crossover SUV: Den­ver Air Qual­i­ty as Bad as Some of the Most Pol­lut­ed Cities in the World: Bidi­rec­tion­al or V2G Charg­ing Blog Post: Volk­swa­gen Group More than Dou­bles EV Sales: First Time EV Own­er Lisa Com­ments On VW ID.4 as First EV Pur­chase: Ful­ly Charged Show Presents the Kia EV6 Walka­round: Tes­la Rideshare Blog Post: Col­orado Air Pol­lu­tion Opin­ion Piece, Col­orado Sun: Eco-Friend­ly Dri­ving Tips: EVGo and Recar­go Join Forces to Accel­er­ate EV Growth: EV Refrig­er­ant Boosts Range: Plug In Amer­i­ca Inde­pen­dence Day EV Count Results: Col­orado wants to add EV charg­ers to rest areas, but the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment is block­ing the road: GMC's Hum­mer EV Truck Will Come Before its SUV: BMW Group More Than Dou­bled Plug In Car Sales in Q2 2021: Tes­la Full Self-Dri­ving Soft­ware Update Released: Plug in America's 2021 EV Update: Harley-David­son Elec­tric Bike under LiveWire Is $21,999: Stel­lan­tis Elec­tri­fi­ca­tion Plans: Tes­la Cybertruck Could Have A Solar Ton­neau Cov­er: Solar-Pow­ered EV Charg­ing for More Amer­i­cans: Ford Mus­tang Mach‑E Named EV of the Year: Mach‑e Out­sells Gas-Pow­ered Mus­tang Coupe in June: EV Charg­ing Car­bon Emis­sions Could Be Reduced By Up To 14%, Study Finds: Sus­tain­able Brown Girl Pod­cast Fea­tur­ing Brit­tany Idle­burg: Elec­tric vehi­cle infra­struc­ture gets $15 bil­lion in new bipar­ti­san pro­pos­al, new EV rebate to come lat­er: Exclu­sive: EV charg­ing providers to allow roam­ing across their net­works:–KZd94vwPlGVWwnFkU_wZ5Z0jPuYBtgVVUTUDJb6cnHI5Em5j89DTC5Um9UReU4SqAEkBS1WDRIbzcRGF-E1vLLwbvcHvrtieXXPKT5hZ9188ZNwA Fer­rari Unveils First Plug-In Hybrid:–06-24/ U.S. Gov­ern­ment Says EV Cost 40% Less to Main­tain: Street Light Pole EV Char­ers in Kansas City: Amer­i­cans See EVs as Bet­ter for the Envi­ron­ment: Tes­la Unveils Super­com­put­er to Train AI: Audi Will Launch Only New EVs Start­ing in 2026: EV Automaker's Plans Time­line: Riv­ian R1T Adven­ture Pack­age Inte­ri­oir: How to Make the Switch to an EV Fit Your Bud­get Blog Post: Become a Vol­un­teer EV Coach! Sign up here: NYT Dri­ving an EV on Colorado's Scenic Byways: Afar: Col­orado is Mak­ing it Eas­i­er to Road Trip in an EV: Tack­ling the EV Buy­er Gap: What if EV Charg­ing was Sub­si­dized Instead of EVs: Audi e‑tron Sport­back vs. Mus­tang Mach‑E Range — Which Goes Far­ther? Video: $200 Mil­lion More for EVs, Bat­ter­ies, and Con­nect­ed Vehi­cle Projects: Maserati Teas­es Elec­tric Sport Coupe: Car and Dri­ver Com­pares Kia Niro EV and VW ID.4: Tes­la Launces Mod­el S Plaid: VW Project Trin­i­ty EV: The Future of EV Off Road­ing Looks Bright: EV Sales Near­ly Triple at Ford: New Col­orado Air Qual­i­ty Rule Would Lim­it Who Can Dri­ve to Work: Is This the Year Con­gress Funds Low-Car­bon, Equi­table Trans­porta­tion?: How EVs Can Advance Envi­ron­men­tal Jus­tice: Ful­ly Charged Show's Hyundai Ion­iq 5 First Dri­ve: Honda's Ridge­line Reimag­ined as an Elec­tric Pick­up: As EV Sales Surge, Dis­cus­sions are Now Turn­ing to Noise and Safe­ty: Grist: Should I Go Into Debt to Buy an EV?: EVgo Launch­es Option to Reserve Charg­ing Spots: Renault Releas­es Pre-Pro­duc­tion Con­cept of Megane E‑Tech: Blue Bird Hits 500 Elec­tric School Bus Mile­stone: Boul­der Val­ley School District's Elec­tric School­bus Blog Post: Volk­swa­gen ID.4 Raced at Nor­ra Mex­i­can 1000 Race: Mach‑E Road Trip Blog Post: Report: Ben­e­fits of Trans­porta­tion Elec­tri­fi­ca­tion in a Post-Pan­dem­ic World: Fiat to Become Elec­tric Only Brand by 2025–2030: SUN Col­orado Springs Solar Co-op info ses­sion — RSVP here: Dispatch's Elec­tric Mod­u­lar Scoot­er: Ford Mus­tang Mach‑E Reimag­ined as Elec­tric Coupe: Tes­la Cybertruck and Ford F‑150 Neck and Neck in Poll: Tes­la Files New Trade­mark Under Restau­rant Ser­vices: 7‑Eleven to Install 500 EV Charg­ing Sta­tions by the End of 2022:

BMW ix and i4 Prices Released:

Why Elec­tric Cars May be Com­ing Soon­er Than You Think:

Hyundai May Cut 50% of its ICE Line­up:

EVs Are as Safe or Safer Than Gas-Pow­ered Cars:

Colorado's Scenic Byways Could be Your First Elec­tric Vehi­cle Road Trip:

Kia EV6 First Edi­tion Reser­va­tions:

Rolls-Royce Boat Tail First Look:

Pope Fran­cis to get all-elec­tric pope­mo­bile from EV start­up Fisker:

Ford F‑150 Light­ning V2H Tech­nol­o­gy: Riv­ian R1T's Slide Out Camp Kitchen Fea­ture: Ford F‑150 Lightning's Extra Fea­tures: State and Fed­er­al Tax Cred­its for EVs: Elec­tri­fy Amer­i­ca and Hyundai Announce Agree­ment to Pro­vide Future All-Elec­tric IONIQ 5 Dri­vers with Two Years of Com­pli­men­ta­ry Fast Charg­ing: Fuels Fix Gives Update on Dri­ve Elec­tric USA Ini­tia­tive: Phil Long EV Out­let Blog Post: US States Charg­ing States Count­ed: Sec­ond-Gen­er­a­tion Tes­la Road­ster Details: F‑150 Light­ning Receives 44,5000+ Reser­va­tions With­in 48 Hours: This new 34 mph elec­tric surf­board has han­dle­bars: Ford and SK Inno­va­tion to Build Bat­tery Plants in North Amer­i­ca: Lam­borgh­i­ni Plans to Go All-Elec­tric by 2024: Lexus Announces First EV to Line­up: Ford F150 Detail Announced: Mow Down Pol­lu­tion Pro­gram: Here's Every Elec­tric Truck Com­ing to the Mar­ket: The insane 3,000W Ariel Rid­er Griz­zly elec­tric moped just got even more pow­er­ful: Amazon's first elec­tric vans start­ed deliv­er­ing pack­ages in the Den­ver area this week: Kia EV6 World Pre­miere Video: Pres­i­dent Biden Dri­ves the Ford 150 Light­ning: 5 Inno­va­tors Mak­ing the EV Bat­tery More Sus­tain­able: EPA Gives Offi­cial Mileage Range to Chevy Bolt EV and EUV: "Airo" EV is Designed to Clean Sur­round­ing Air Pol­lu­tion: Tes­la Mod­el Y True Charg­ing Costs: Gas Car Phase Outs in the Unit­ed States and Abroad webi­nar: Two New DC Fast Charg­ing Sta­tions in Col­orado Springs down­town: Porsche's All-Elec­tric Macan, Com­ing in 2023: Take the Be in Charge Pledge to Dri­ve Elec­tric:  Uber and Arrival part­ner to Cre­ate an EV for Ride Hail Dri­vers: Col­orado Sun Fea­ture — Col­orado EV Buy­ers Could Use a Coach: Subaru's First EV SUV, the Solter­ra: Ford and BMW Invest in Col­orado Start-Up: Con­sumer Reports Why EVs May be Flood­ing the Mar­kets Soon: I Tried an E‑Bike for the First Time Blog Post:‑tried-an-electric-bicycle-for-the-first-time EVs Fore­cast­ed To be Cheap­er than Gas Cars by 2027: StEVe the EVolved Dinosaur — Office Life video: Why Ford's New Elec­tric Car (Mach‑E) is So Impor­tant: EV Readi­ness and Why We Need it Now: Used EV Prices Surge: The Eco­nom­ic Advan­tages of Going All-Elec­tric Blog Post (EV Love): Den­ver Elec­tric Vehi­cle Coun­cil Aptera Webi­nar: Road to Clean Air Report by Amer­i­can Lung Asso­ci­a­tion: Hyundai Ion­iq 5 First Dri­ve Review: Chevy Sil­ver­a­do Elec­tric Pick­up Announced: These Elec­tric Motor­cy­cles Are Set to Take Charge in 2021:–03-23/best-new-electric-motorcycles-taking-charge-in-2021-a-buying-guide?sref=NzfUqEPA GM's Ultium Charge 360 Charg­ing Sta­tion Plat­form:  More About Cadillac's Lyriq SUV: Rent an EV Through Lyft: 19 EV Mod­els Avail­able Right Now:–4 Volvo's Newest C40: Mer­cedes Benz EQS Revealed: Green­peace Fos­sil Fuel Racism report: How are EVs Bet­ter for the Envi­ron­ment?: Audi Q4 e‑tron Revealed: BMW's Elec­tric iX: Porsche to Offer Upcom­ing EV Vari­ants: Tiny Elec­tric Cars: BRP's Elec­tric Pow­er Sport Vehi­cles: Google to Give You the Green­est Route: Air Qual­i­ty, Cli­mate Change and COVID-19 Report: EPA to study how EVs can gen­er­ate renew­able ener­gy cred­its: EV Life's 7 Steps to Find the Best EV: Biden Needs to Set Strong Clean Car Stan­dards: Tes­la Tem­porar­i­ly Halts Pro­duc­tion of Mod­els S and X:‑x/index.html  For a Clean, Resilient Grid, Look to EV Infra­struc­ture: What Fuels You blog post: Reserve your EV Hum­mer: Fact of the Week: EVS Low­est Annu­al Fuel Costs: Elec­tric car bat­ter­ies with five-minute charg­ing times pro­duced: How Long Should an Elec­tric Car's Bat­tery Last?: Researchers dis­cov­er "mass­less" bat­tery tech­nol­o­gy for EVs: GM Signs Deal to Reduce EV Bat­tery Costs: New U.S. Bill Would Pro­vide Grants to Sup­port Recy­cling Bat­ter­ies: Pres­i­dent Biden's Plan for EV Infra­struc­ture: Study Reveals Plunge in Lithi­um-Ion Bat­tery Costs:–03/miot-srp032221.php The End of Tesla's Dom­i­nance May be Clos­er than it Appears: EV Turn­ing Point: Momen­tum Builds for U.S. EV Tran­si­tion: Mini to go All-Elec­tric by 2030: Automak­ers embrace elec­tric vehi­cles. But what about buy­ers?: FedEx Pledges to be Car­bon Neu­tral by 2040: Elec­tric Cars are Com­ing, But How Long Until They Rule the Road?: Main Volk­swa­gen Brand Shifts up Speed to Elec­tric: Volkswagen's Elec­tric ID.Buzz: CCL's Car­bon Fee and Div­i­dend Pol­i­cy: Elec­tric Vehi­cle License Plate Bill: The Elec­tric Cars Act Intro­duced to Accel­er­ate Grow­ing Adop­tion of Elec­tric Vehi­cles: Kia EV6 Sneak Peak: DEED Into and Kick Off Event: EV Fast Charg­ing Cor­ri­dors: Fos­sil Fuel Cars Make Hun­dreds of Times More Waste than Elec­tric Vehi­cles: 2022 Hyundai Ion­iq 5: How Green are Elec­tric Vehi­cles?: CASR and Col­orado Car­Share Blog Post: Elec­tri­fy the USPS Fleet Peti­tion: Vol­vo to Go All-Elec­tric by 2030: Your Guide to Choos­ing Between a PHEV and a BEV: How to Install a Lev­el 2 Charg­er blog post: 2021 Elec­tric Vehi­cle Mod­els: Jaguar Land Rover Plans Full Range of EVs by 2030: Installing an EV Charg­er at Home Guide:‑5–1.pdf EVSE Sta­tion Instal­la­tion Guide:‑1.pdf Fat­tE Bikes blog post: New E‑BIKE act intro­duces 30% US fed­er­al tax cred­it for elec­tric bicy­cle pur­chas­es: Den­ver deploys elec­tric car share in under-resourced com­mu­ni­ties: How Colorado's Free E‑Bike Pro­gram Fits Into Its Plan to Slow Cli­mate Change: GEOS Neigh­bor­hood blog post: NYT Elec­tric Cars Are Com­ing, and Fast. 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